The key to reaching higher levels of success does not just involve selecting better people. To truly succeed, an organization must also focus on the development of current employees to help them achieve greater productivity and success.

Industry leaders such as Cendant Corporation (owners of Avis, Budget, CitiTravel), Toyota, McGraw Hill, Brinks Home Security, Haverty's Furniture, FedEX, Hard Rock Café, and University of Phoenix, have repeatedly proven the benefit of developing existing employees. These organizations have utilized LMI assessment tools to help them select and develop employees who have contributed to their growth, profitability and success.

Utilizing The Answer is easy. The individual completes questions about his or her current occupation to derive a benchmark against which The Answer assessment will compare the individual. The whole process takes approximately one hour. When complete, the individual's Answer report is automatically generated for review or printing as desired. The individual should be encouraged to objectively consider The Answer results. Initially, people don't often realize that they may need to develop in specific areas. Often it takes thought and discussion with people close to the individual for the individual to accept the accuracy of the report and the suggested development plan it contains. When a person fully realizes his or her skills, attitudes and behaviors relative to the requirements of the job, strengths can be better utilized and areas needing development can receive more attention.

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